Dogs entry to UK Requirements

Dogs coming into the UK are required to be microchipped, have a passport which must show a valid Rabies vaccination and have had a tape worm tablet. The rules around each of these three items are detailed below. Some competitors may have some concerns about the process and ease of entering the UK – it is nothing to worry about and is really easy (especially if travelling on Eurotunnel). Also it should be noted that generally no checks are carried out on dogs or passports when leaving the UK.

Eurotunnel is the preferred method of travel for the UK Team  

Your dogs remain in your vehicle/coach during the 35 minute crossing. If any Team Leaders would like more information on the Eurotunnel crossing please feel free to email the UK Team Leader (Linda) on 






Canine Passport 

Dogs are required to have a passport which can be issued by everyone’s own vet.  The passport must detail the dogs microchip number, date of both the Rabies Vaccination and the date the worming tablet was given and must be stamped with an official veterinary stamp and be signed by the administering vet.


Rabies Vaccination

Rabies vaccination’s should be administered a minimum of 22 days before entering the UK. I have been advised that some vets abroad will advise a blood test is required following the vaccination but this is NOT a requirement of entry into the UK UNLESS you are coming from an unlisted country ( so therefore only Russian dogs will require this based on the nations that have entered the competition over the last few years). Please note that Rabies vaccinations are only acceptable on the 21st day following the application (so in theory +22 days) and is valid for either 1 or 3 years depending on the country’s code of practice (UK the vaccination is valid for 3 years but understand in some European countries the first vaccination is only valid for 1 year)


Tape Worm Tablet

All dogs must have been given a tape worming tablet a minimum of 24 hours and up to a maximum of 120 hours (5 days) before entering the UK. (Please note that time of administering the tablet will be worked out to the hour by the pet passport control officers to ensure it is within the above timescales).

A veterinary official must stamp and sign the pet passport to confirm witness to the tablet being given.


The UK web page (DEFRA Rules and Regulations for Dogs entering the UK ) web page address is:                         

However, should any Team Leader or individual have any queries in relation to entering with their dogs into the UK email me on and I will check with our show veterinarian Mark Moreton for advice and guidance.




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