Entry Process and Dates/Deadlines

All Team Leaders will have been emailed a form requesting confirmation of a Nations intention to attend the 2018 event. If you have not received one please contact Linda on linda@petlodge.co.uk and one will be forwarded.


Once the Declaration of Intent to enter form has been received from Team Leaders, Paul Sensky from Longhedge Show Processing will email a login to the web system to each Team Leader. This log in will be sent in early January 2018 in readiness for show opening date of 1st February 2018.




Entries will open on Thursday 1st February 2018


Entries will close on Saturday 23rd June 2018






Individual entries is limited to a maximum of 15 dogs with no more than 7 dogs in any one height.

In addition to the 15 dogs in the individual classes, returning IMCA champions from 2017 can be added to increase the total of dogs in individual classes up to a maximum of 18 (eg if a Nation had won all 3 heights).



No limit to number of PAWC handlers.

Handlers can enter a maximum of two dogs.

Anyone that has previously competed in PAWC will receive a request from either the Team Leader of their Country or by the contact persons of PAWC (Jeanette Velzel and/or Susan Rekveld) to forward on new applications (unless in Groups 1,2 or 5). Such applications have to be received by no later than 1st January 2018.

Any New applicants should apply by no later than 1st April 2018. All application information should be sent to the country Teamleader who will forward on to the PAWC contact person.


All PAWC applications should be sent with the following:

A. Doctors certificate (or letter from doctor / hospital if in the UK) giving details of how handlers condition affects mobility

B. If competing in an electric wheelchair, a copy of insurance certificate to be included detailing maximum speed of vehicle.

C. 3 x videos in a competition or in an official match environment  (MP4 format only).


Please note:

If the applicant has been approved in the past, then Groups 1,2 & 5 are NOT required to re-submit a new application.

If the applicant is someone who has never competed in PAWC before, then the above 3 requirements should be submitted to the Country Team Leader who will then forward onto Susan Rekveld & Jeanette Velzel.


Please ensure you see and check the rules for entry into PAWC of your own Country and the PAWC Regulations posted on this website.

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