Gala Dinner Evening


The Gala Dinner will take place at the Wood Green Animal Centre in a large marque in the camping area of the venue. There will be evening entertainment following the meal .

The cost will be £30 per person and will be a night not to be missed!


Having spoken to the 2017 organisers to get an idea of the possible numbers, it is now known that the room within the centre will not be large enough to accommodate the area that will be required to seat everyone.  We have therefore made the decision to hire a marque and would ask when you submit your entries that you list on the spreadsheet that will be provided the names of people and their food choices using the numbers on the left hand side for each separate course. Tickets will be given to Team Leaders when booking in as each meal will be cooked in line with orders made.

The final menu will be as follows:





S 1   Tomato Soup

S 2   Prawn Cocktail

S 3   Pate & melba Toast

S 4   Melon & Parma Ham Salad


Mains  – (served with potatoes or rice and vegetables or salad)

M 1   Baked Salmon 

M 2   Beef in Ale

M 3   Spanish Chicken

M 4   Chilli Con Carne & Rice

M 5   Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne & Rice         (Vegetarian)

M 6   Buffet Salad & warm potatoes                  (Vegetarian  – will include lots of meat free accompanying options )



Deserts  (served with cream)

D 1   Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad

D 2   Lemon Cheesecake

D 3   Chocolate Gateaux

D 4   Strawberry Gateaux

D 5   Medley of Cheese and Biscuits with Celery and Grapes



THE BAR BUS company will be providing bar facilities over the duration of the show and Gala Dinner evening in this !!!


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