PAWC Regulations

Summary of PAWC entry requirements are listed below but please see full official regulations in the link at the bottom of this page:


Eligibility for inclusion in the PAWC Championship is based on the handler, not the dog.

Handlers are to submit their application to the board members for assessment as to suitability to be accepted. PAWC handlers will be divided based on condition and mobility levels into 7 Groups.

Every application should be accompanied by either a medical certificate (if in Europe) or a letter from a doctor/hospital on headed notepaper (if in UK) – these should confirm the condition and how it affects the handlers mobility in relation to a regular able bodied handler.

If the application is from a handler in a wheelchair, a copy of the insurance document for the vehicle should also be sent with the application detailing the maximum speed capacity of the vehicle.

3 videos (MP4 format preferable) should be submitted with the application of the handler in a competition / match environment.

A handler may enter a maximum of two dogs into the event.

Entry is inclusive for all 3 classes :  Friday – Jumping, Saturday – Agility & Sunday – Jumping.

Overall PAWC champions will be taken by combing results across the 3 classes.

Entrance fees for PAWC Championship which is inclusive for all 3 classes is 71 euros per dog.


REGULATIONS ParAgility 062018


Application for Acceptance for PAWC   (UK Applicants only)


Some of the amazing PAWC competitors from 2017

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